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Country and rural properties in Spain

Born in Exeter, Devon, UK in 1945 where I grew up and went to school. In 1996 I attended Plymouth Polytechnic and studied mechanical engineering. It was while there that I met my wife Sharon. We married in 1969 and very shortly afterwards went to Zambia, Africa where I spent four years working on a lead and zinc mine. Since that time I have spent many years overseas in the hard rock mining industry (Turkey, India and Saudi Arabia). My best job was, however, back in the UK where I spent seven years working in the Cornish tin industry, particularly challenging and enjoyable were my years spent at Wheal Jane Mine as mine mechanical engineer. In 1997 personal circumstances meant that it was better for me to stop my wanderings and this is when I first became interested in the Internet and Internet marketing. I have spent many happy years being one of the 97% that consistently loses money, however it did finally pay off when I moved to Spain and started Spanish Inland Properties (SIP). SIP is a niche estate agency selling cave houses in the Granada area of Andalucia. My client base is entirely garnered from the Internet via my website

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